Taper Time ~ The Destination Marathon~M2B

Last week I finished my final long run for Marathon #3 Mountains 2 Beach, and now it’s TAPER TIME. In my past two marathon trainings I found when I cut back drastically during the taper I had lower energy then when I was actually running high mileage. This time around I’m following my training taper plan, but keeping my cross-training up and running a few extra miles. I feel the more I run the more my body needs to run. Once I start cutting back too much I’m more likely to get sick and feel sluggish.


My goal this marathon is to BQ. I ran my first marathon last year and to my surprise qualified for Boston. I was thrilled and felt so accomplished. Then registration time cam around for Boston, and I missed the cut-off to get in  by 14 secs! I was crushed but it also lit a new fire inside me. My goal this race is to be under my qualifying time by 5 mins!! Fingers Crossed!!

I’ve heard Mountains 2 Beach is a fast course. Hence the reason I chose it in hopes of a BQ. It has a gradual net downhill of 700 feet. The course starts in Ojai, Ca and ends steps away from the beach in Ventura, Ca. Being the beach lover I am, finishing a marathon practically on the beach will be a dream.  The temps here in AZ have already broken 100 degrees so I’m looking forward to running in cooler weather, and possibly an ocean breeze (at my back of course)!

This will be a destination marathon, and my husband and son will be coming along.  We’ll be making the road trip from Phoenix to Ventura, which is about 7 hours. BQ or not, at least I get a beach vacation out of the deal! However, I do have mixed feelings on destination races. This will be my first full marathon destination race. I’ve ran 4 destination half marathons, and  I have a love hate relationship with destination races.

RnR Nashville Half 4/12
Utah Valley Half  3/14
Livermore Half 6/14
RnR Seattle 6/15

Reasons I love Destination races:

-A vacation and race all in one trip (RUNcation)

-Change of scenery

-Meet new friends/travel with running friends

Reasons I dislike Destination races:

-Traveling with family, especially kid(s) can be really stressful (as if not thinking about the race is enough stress)

-It’s expensive!

-Sleeping in an unfamiliar place/bed (As if sleeping the night before a race isn’t hard enough in your own bed!)

-Eating out (not eating what you’re used to can cause stomach issues)

-Balancing sight seeing with relaxing pre-race

It appears my dislike list is longer than my like list…HUM. Hopefully I can add more likes to the list after this destination race. I’m planning on it being an amazing RUNCATION!!!

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