Summer Running~My 5 Essentials

The countdown to summer has begun. June 21st marks the official start, however, in some parts of the country summer weather is in full effect. Here in Phoenix, temps have already reached 100+ degrees. With the onset of higher temps and sunny skies it’s important to have a few essentials handy to enjoy those summer runs. I’ll share 5 of my summer running essentials.


#1 Sunscreen

A must! I wear sunscreen on my face year round, especially after having skin cancer on my face, not once but two times by the age of 33!  My go to face sunscreen is La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50. It is ultra light weight, non-greasy, and has a tinted version. I prefer a spray sunscreen for my body simply because it is quick and easy. I’m usually in a rush to get out the door for my run so a quick all over spray and I’m ready to go. Coola Sport sunscreen spray SPF 30 for body is one of my favorites.  When I run in the evening or on trails where bugs are prevelent I use Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Repellent plus SPF 30.


#2 Visor / Hat

A visor or hat may be an essential all year for some runners, but I don’t wear one as much as I do in the summer months. During the summer a visor or hat is an essential for me because it gives extra sun protection for my face while keeping those bright sunny rays out of my eyes. Not only does a visor shield our eyes from the sun it also helps keeps the sweat out. Key for those hot and humid days!

#3 Sunglass

Obvious! If you are anything like me you own a few pair of sunnies! I have a few expensive pairs and a few drugstore cheapies, both have the same full protection.  Just like our skin, the UVA/UVB rays can be harmful to our eyes that is why they are a summer running essential. Curved sunglass that hug the face will give more protection but most important is a pair that protects against both UVA/UVB rays. I double up on wearing both a visor/hat and sunglasses. A hat alone isn’t enough because even if the sun isn’t directly in my eyes there is still a reflection off the sidewalk or pavement. For me both are a necessity! Note: If the sunglasses say UV400 protection you are getting the full protection!

#4 Water Bottle / Hydration Pack

There are so many options when it comes to carrying water on a run. When I began running I prefered to wear a waist water bottle holder.  The one that worked well for me was the Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack.   I have recently switched to a hydration back pack. The Osprey Rev 1.5 is light weight and carries 1.5L. It is small enough to be comfortable while running yet carry other items I may need. I also really love the Ultimate Direction hand held water bottle. The strap secures it nicely to my hand or wrist. I usually carry the hand held water bottle on shorter runs and the hydration pack on my longer runs.  Generally, for me during the warmer months, any run longer than 3 miles I carry water.


#5 Electrolyte Tablets

Warmer temps most likely equals more sweating. I like to stay hydrated and replenish sodium loss with NUUN electroylte tablets.  I find these help reduce muscle cramping and provide added energy.  I drop a tab in my water for almost every run, long or short, and even during my cross training workouts.


For some, summer months are the ideal time for running, for others it can be a struggle running thru intense heat or humidity. Keeping my summer running essentials handy helps me quickly get out the door for my run. I’d love to know your summer running essentials?

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