Happy Saturday!


The crazy busy summer has left me MIA from my blog, however now that the kiddo is back in school, and I seem to have a routine somewhat established, I’m hoping to be back! I’ve still been running thru the summer heat. It’s definitely been a challenge, but I feel super accomplished to have kept up with my mileage this summer. This is the first summer I didn’t take a break from running during the super hot months. I have a few races on the calendar for late summer and early fall, and that has been my major motivation to get out and run. I’m so excited to run my very first 5K tomorrow!! Stay tuned for a post on that this week!

We took a family vacation to Padre Island, Texas in July. We absolutely love it there! We go at least a few times a year and it never disappoints. The water was warm and felt great. It’s also the perfect place to windsurf. If you have ever been curious about windsurfing it’s definitely the place to try it!


Hope your summer is going fantastic! Happy Saturday! Happy Running!




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