Rim 2 Rim ~ The Grand Canyon


“One of the seven natural wonders of the world” and one of my favorite places on Earth. I just completed my third rim 2 rim Grand Canyon hike last weekend. This hike is so challenging and so rewarding each and every time I do it. I never get bored of it, and I cannot wait to plan the next one. This one day rim 2 rim hike took about 10 hours, and had an elevation gain of about 4,800 ft!

We started our journey on the North Rim at an elevation of 8,200 ft around 6 am in a foggy cold drizzle that soon turned into a steady rainfall. There were 6 of us girls, and most of us had done hiking in the canyon, however we had never had weather conditions quite like what we were experiencing at the start. About an hour into the hike some of the girls in the group were starting to worry about flash flooding in the canyon, and 4 of them actually made the decision to turn around and not do the rim 2 rim hike. So that left me and one other girl to keep going to see if the weather would improve a little further down. Lucky for us it did!! We had a successful hike and a great time!!



One thing I love about the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is all the amazing bridges you walk over during the 14 miles to the bottom.


Ribbon Falls is short detor off of the main trail to a 100ft mossy dome waterfall. The water spraying off of the rocks is very cooling and refreshing especially during the hotter hiking months. The temperature when we started our hike at the top of the North Rim was in the high 40’s and now close to the bottom the temperature was reaching 90 degrees. So cooling off at a waterfall is an added bonus.


14 miles to Phanton Ranch, we stopped to refill our water and eat our lunch. We also bought lemonade at the small convience store. There were lots of people camping and lodging down here and passing thru on their hikes. The mules also carry mail supplies in and out. After Phantom Ranch it is about a mile to the Colorado River. There were river rafters beached when we passed by. Once you cross over the bridge over the river it is all uphill from there, and the trek up the South Kaibab trail begins.



Hiking out the South Kaibab trail, is the more difficult option. It has zero water and no shade and it is practially straight up from 2000ft elevation to 7200 ft elevation over a course of about 6 miles. It is basically step after step after step, and it takes a toll on your legs. However, since there aren’t any switch backs it is about 3 miles shorter than the other Bright Angel Trail. I prefer the shorter trail because it saves about 2 hours.


I absolutely cannot wait for my next hiking adventure in the Grand Canyon! It is like no other place on Earth!! The pain from the hike is temporary but the memories last a lifetime!


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