Monthly Box Subscriptions


I’m a total sucker for monthly box subscriptions. I just love getting a package in the mail, and trying new goodies I wouldn’t normally purchase or try on my own. So when the running box subscriptions became more and more popular I had to give a few of them a try. I first subscribed to Stridebox, and have been receiving this box for about 3 months now.

I absolutely love this box. First of all the price is just right, $15 a month cannot be beat. They only offer a month-to-month subscription, which means no long term contracts. I love this because you can cancel anytime. StrideBox incorporates nutrition, body care, and a running accessory into each box. With each box containing 4-6 items. I find this box to be a super value, and a fun way to be introduced to items you wouldn’t normally try or even know existed.
After a few months of receiving this box I naturally grew curious as to what some of the other running box subscriptions had to offer and how they compared. After looking into a few, I decided to try out RunnerCrate.



This box has a higher monthly price, $35, so my expectations were high. They do offer 3-12 month prepaid subscriptions at a reduced price. Also, a mini “warm-up” crate is offered for $16. This box seems to focus more on running snacks, gear and running challenges. I just received my very first box this month, and was highly impressed. Runner Crate is partnered with brands such as Honeystinger, Saucony, Wild Friends, and Tailwinds. These are popular brands and I actually already use a few of them so I’m hoping these brands keep showing up in future boxes!!

Here is a look inside my March StrideBox:

I received 6 items in this month’s box!! Three nutrition items, 2 body care items, and a running recovery tool. The recovery tool, a massager actually works great! I’m thinking of keeping it in my purse to use on the go. I also received a lip balm and cleansing wipes, which are staples for any runner. The snacks included were a cookie, Honey Stinger waffle and an energy gel. I’ve used Honey Stinger waffles in the past, and they are a great product. I’m excited to try out the other two items.

Each box contains a product listing that says what each item is used for,  how much it retails for, and how you can buy the product if you love it. The box also contains another double sided card, one side has a recipe submitted by an athlete and the other side has a running workout. I love trying new healthy recipes so I actually enjoy this feature of the box.

Here is a look inside my March Runner Crate:

This month’s box had 12 items! Double that of the Stride Box which is about right considering the price is a little more than double.

I get the impression this box focuses a lot more on snacks. The majority of the items are nutrition items – 10 of them to be exact. There is a body care item which is FULL size, it is a deodorizing spray that can be used in shoes, gloves, bags, etc. I don’t have anything like this so I’m super happy to receive this item.  The other non-food item is a running belt, I don’t really use running belts, but I’m going to check this one out and give it a try at some point. The nutrition items sent in this box included Honey Stinger bars and waffles, Bravo bars and Noka smoothie drinks.  Also, Amino freeze pops, which is such a cool idea and great for a recovery after a hot summer run. Living in AZ these will definitely be amazing during the summer!

A card listing all the items, the retail value, and how to reorder is also included in this box. On the back side of the card is the monthly running challenge, and also a list of deals on other products, and a few coupon codes for discounts.

It is so hard to actually compare the boxes to each other because they are so different. I told myself I would cancel the subscription I was less impressed with, but they both have wonderful things to offer I am going to keep both for a while longer and see if one actually impresses more in the long run. I would say for the value the Stride Box definitely has a lot to offer for only $15 a month.

There are other running box subscriptions that I have not given a try. Runners box is one of them that seems popular. I have to say I’m really happy with these subscriptions. The amount and quality of items has exceeded my expectations. If you are open to trying new products and seeing what cool new running gear is out there then a subscription box might be fun for you to try! It would also make a great gift for the runner friend or family member in your life!

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