Running & Pilates


It’s been almost a year since I’ve taken a group fitness class. Last year I became really dedicated to running. I found an awesome running coach, and I’ve been on a pretty intense (for me) running schedule. I haven’t had much energy or time to incorporate any other fitness routine into my schedule. Now that I have a break from marathon training, and have gotten somewhat used to my running schedule,  I have the itch to incorporate some other activity into my week. I can tell I have a few areas that need some toning and strengthening.  A Club Pilates studio opened a few miles from my house, and I thought I would give it a try. The combination of stretching and strength exercises is just what I am looking for in a class.

I’ve tried two classes so far and really like what they have to offer.

The TRX/Reformer class: The first half of this class was spent doing exercises on the pilates machine, which was something I had never used before so it was fun learning how to use it! Most of the exercises we did were leg and glute focused along with some stretching. I could tell I was working muscles I definitely hadn’t worked in a long time. The pilates machine is spring loaded, and you can adjust the resistance either by increasing the number of springs or reducing the springs.  We also did planks on the pilates machine which was interesting! They were super challenging and fun.


The second half of this class we used the TRX straps to do many different exercises. I think we hit all the major muscles with the TRX exercises–bridges, planks, push ups, rows, bicep curls, etc.

Restor-ilates: This was literally a 50 min class of foam rolling. I try to stretch and do my standard exercises (mainly hip exercises) after every run. However, I do get crunched for time, and can slack on foam rolling. I was super excited to take this class because as much as I don’t want to foam roll for an hour. I needed to foam roll for an hour. We also used a trigger point ball to massage our feet, and really dig deep into certain areas of the body. This class was torture but good torture.


For me, Pilates/Yoga type classes really compliment my running schedule. I love the stretching and low impact strength training these classes offer. I’m excited to try other classes, and fit them in around my running schedule!

I’d love to know what cross training you love to do if you do any!





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