My Favorite Nutritional Bars


I love nutrition and protein bars. I have a box in the pantry dedicated to bars alone. When I need a quick snack, convienence is key for me. If I have a bar handy it will often keep me from making a poor eating decision, like driving thru McD’s and ordering some french fries, which I absolutely love! For this reason, I keep at least one if not two bars with me for when hunger strikes.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite nutritional bars. I am not a nutritionist, and I’m not recommending these for any certain health purposes, these are just some of the bars I eat and really love!


Luna Bar


This is the very first nutritional bar I ever purchased. I think I started buying these about 10 years ago, and I STILL love them. They taste amazing, come in a zillion different flavors, and are packed with vitamins and minerals geared towards what women need. I love that they are gluten-free, have a good amount of protein, and are low in sugar. If I need an afternoon snack I will often grab one of these bars. The Nutz over chocolate just happens to be my favorite flavor.

Kind Bar 


I recently tried a Kind bar for the first time, and now I am constantly buying these bars, even my son loves these. They taste amazing, have a good amount of protein,  and are low in sugar! Not to mention gluten-free and dairy free, what is not to love about these? Plus Kind bars come in a ton of different flavors.  I love these bars because they are packed full of almonds and other nuts. I find these fill me up for a long time, and the salty sweet combinations are so yummy!!

R Bar


Healthy and minimal is how I describe these bars! Most of the flavors have 3-4 ingredients total with absolutely no more than 7 – the company guarantees it!  These bars are actually made in Tucson, AZ, and I love supporting local companies.  These may seem high in sugar but the sugars are all natural. These bars are highly satisfying because of the whole some ingredients!! All natural real food, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, these bars are simple and pure!

Protein Bars


These are two of my favorite protein / meal replacement bars. They are packed full of protein with 20g in each bar. I don’t eat this type of bar as often as the other nutritional bars, however, these are great if I’ve had a hard workout and need the extra protein. I like to carry this type of bar with me just in case I need a meal replacement. I love that these are gluten-free, high in fiber and are not loaded with sugar.

Rx Bar


I’ve seen so many people rave about these bars. I’ve wanted to try them for so long but could not find them anywhere. I finally found them!  I have a tried a few different flavors, and I love the simple ingredients similar to the R bar above. These bars have more of a dense chewy consistency. My only complaint is they do get stuck on my teeth when I bite into it! Not sure if this is just me. However, I do really like them because they are super filling, and made with natural ingredients. Because they are so filling, I usually only eat half a bar at a time.

Pure organic


A dessert bar! This bar is pure healthy indulgence. If I’m craving a brownie or a chocolatey treat this bar is my go to bar. Dark chocolate, omega-3’s, and antioxidants make this a healthy alternative to a sweet treat. Vegan, gluten-free and made with natural ingredients this is definitely a treat you won’t regret eating.

I love browsing the bar section when I go shopping! Do you eat protein / nutrition bars? What are some of your favorites?

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