AZ to TX. I’m moving!


After almost 14 years of living in The Valley of the Sun my time here has come to an end. My family is relocating to the Houston area this summer. They say change is good so I’m excited to start a new adventure in a new city.


Arizona has a huge chunk of my heart. This is where I became a wife, mom, and runner. My son’s home state, and many of his firsts were in Arizona. I feel like I know Phoenix like the back of my hand. I’m so comfortable here, and it will be a big adjustment moving to a city I’ve only visited twice!

I’ve met so many great friends while living in Arizona. My bootcamp babes, the Carlson moms, and my Looper family.

I started running because of my bootcamp babe friends. The Scottsdale Women’s half marathon was my first half with those women.IMG_3473

All of my Ragnar and trail running adventures are so special to me and I’m so grateful I have those memories!!

Team DeLancey loopers will be missed so much!! I can’t even think about how I will manage my long runs without the loop. I will still have my running coach, and be a looper and part of the DeLancey team. I will just be looping in another state, and it will certainly take some time to adjust.

The place that captivated me is the Grand Canyon. Out of all my adventures in Arizona this is the one that has my heart. It is such a special place, and I cannot wait to come back and hike the Canyon again. Rim to Rim to Rim is still on my bucket list!

I have so many special memories in Arizona, but I’m excited to start a new journey. If there are any Houston runners out there with tips or advice let me know!


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