What’s in My Gym Bag

gym bag

My gym bag has become my running security bag. It’s where I keep all my essentials to get me thru my run. I keep it stocked with my go-to products, and hang it in the closet next to the front door for easy access. As I head out the door it’s ready for me to grab and go. I’ve come to realize the more prepared I am BEFORE my run, the easier it seems to go. I spend less time stressing about where all my running stuff is, and I can just concentrate on the actual task.  Currently I have to drive to my running spots, so I actually bring my bag, but even if you aren’t going to bring a bag out the door with you, it can be helpful to keep everything you use regularly in one spot.

Here are my gym bag essentials:

• Ipod and Bose Headphones – these two items have recently become a staple on my easy run days. I’ve ipoddiscovered a few podcasts that I really enjoy listening to, and this has been a great motivator on those days that I’m not jumping out of bed to get my run done. I love these Bose headphones because they actually stay in my ears, and the sound is great. A bonus is the case that I can attach to my gym bag so I never forget to bring them.

•  Ultimate Direction Handheld Water Bottle and NUUN Hydration Tablets – This water bottle has been with me for so many runs this summer. I DO NOT like to carry water with me on a run, but this handheld is the best one I’ve found when it comes to comfort. It is super light weight, and breathable because of the mesh. The bottle is a bladder rather than hard plastic, so it collapses as ultimate directionyou drink and it is super light weight. The zipper pocket is another added bonus for keeping keys or a gel. NUUN tablets are my go to for electrolyte replacement during longer runs. I personally like the NUUN Energy with caffeine for an added boost.

• Health Warrior Bars have become my staple snack bar. I not only carry them in my gym bag but I always have one in my purse. These bars are not only great tasting but they are packed with chia seeds and healthy ingredients. Chia seeds are a superfood that have many health benefits! Bonus: on a long run health warrioryou will stay busy picking chia seeds out of your teeth! I love the size of the bars which makes them super convenient to take on a long run.

• HoneyStinger Gel has been my go to gel for quite a long time now. It just works for me. It doesn’t upset my stomach, and it consistently gets me thru my tough speed workouts and long runs. I love the Ginsting with caffeine flavor. It basically tastes like honey with a very smooth, thin consistency. It goes down very easy! honeystinger



A few other items I often throw in my gym bag, especially during the summer months :

• Sunscreen – I like the spray kind  because it makes for quick application

• Towel – and now that I live in a humid place this is even more essential.

• Water – I like to keep a few extra water bottles in my bag, in case I need to refill my handheld or for drinking on the drive home, it’s never a bad idea to have extra water

• Body Wipes – Never know if I’m going to run a few errands or grab a few groceries after my workout

Having a prepped and organized gym bag helps to make my run go smoother. I know I will have all my essentials ready, and the only thing left to do is run! Do you have a gym bag? What are your running essentials?



2 thoughts on “What’s in My Gym Bag

  1. Love this post! Super fun. One thing I always keep in my bag is a small hairbrush and extra hair elastics. I get tangles SUPER easily and if I don’t brush them out right away my hair becomes super unwieldy.

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