The Daily Stretch

The Tools 

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Yoga Mat / Foam Roller / Hand Held Roller / Resistance Band 

These are the tools I use each day after my run. A yoga mat is essential for me to do exercises and foam rolling on hard wood floors. I also like having a mat to take with me in the car in case I want to do my stretching outside, a towel works great too!! The Trigger Point foam roller is my favorite because it’s small size. It is perfect for traveling because it is hallow on the inside you can put items in it which saves space. I use the foam roller primarily for my IT bands, this is an area I’ve had trouble with in the past. I also roll out my hamstrings, glutes and calves. I also love the handheld roller by Trigger Point, I can take it with me in the car, or use it while sitting on the couch or in bed!! I can really dig into knots and smaller areas with this roller. I use it on my quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, and shins.  Resistance bands work well to stretch out my hamstrings, and I use the bands for other cross training exercises.

The Routine 

When I first started working with my running coach he sent me the Mrytl Routine, and suggested I do it after each run. I have been doing this series of exercises after each of my runs for over a year now. Click the link below to watch the exercises performed.

Mrytl Routine:

  • Clam Shells x 10 each leg
  • Leg Raises (neutral x 4, toe in x 4, toe out x 4)  each leg
  • Donkey Kicks x 10 each leg
  • Donkey Whips x 5 each leg
  • Fire Hydrant x 10 each leg
  • Knee Circles forward x10 backward x 10 each leg

Standing Exercises (Mrytl)

  • Hurdle leg forward x10 backward x10 each leg
  • lateral leg swing x10 each leg
  • Linear straight leg swing x 10 each leg
  • Linear bent leg swing x 10 each leg

Additional exercises I do each day: 

{I often do other exercises such as squats, lunges, etc but not on a daily basis}

  • Push-ups 60-70 total in sets of 15 or 20
  • Butterfly crunches 50 total
  • Butterfly sit ups 20 total
  • Plank

I keep my routine consistent which makes it quick and easy. It’s so easy to skip out on stretching, foam rolling and strength exercises, but I’ve found these are just as important as running. Sometimes I have to get creative to fit everything into the day. I’ll do my push ups or a few squats while the shower is heating up. Sometimes I’ll foam roll during the commercials of a tv show, or I’ll take my hand held roller in the car and use it while waiting in the after school pick up line.

Have you heard of the mrtyl routine?  What is your post-run stretching routing?




6 thoughts on “The Daily Stretch

  1. I have the same foam roller (in blue); I bought it because it fits into my suitcase! I aim to foam roll and do some key stretches after every run, but I’ll have to write a post about my longer “not pressed for time” post-run routine sometime. Yours sounds great!

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    1. Thank you Sara! I would love if you wrote a post on your routine! I have my standard routine I try and zip thru and fast as I can and get those key exercises done, but I’m always looking for new stretches to incorporate on days I’m not so crunched for time!


  2. Kim K.

    I wish I had the discipline to foam roll and stretch after every run. Often times I run during my lunch break so I skip out on those things because I have to get back to my office. My coach has me do both standing and lying down myrtls probably 1x/week but I am thinking I should do them another time or two. Can you do a post sometime on the stretches you do?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know it’s so hard to fit it all in!! Sometimes I do the routine outside before I come in from my run, and that keeps me from getting distracted and skipping it altogether! Yes would love to do a post on my other stretches. I love yoga and doing yoga type stretches, I just don’t have time right now to actually go to yoga, but I will work on a stretching post! Thanks Kim!


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