What I ate Today – Thurs Jan. 25th

My first post of 2018! It’s been awhile! Life has been crazy with moving into a new home in December, then the holidays, and marathon training in full swing. With all the craziness my consistent healthy eating has been not so consistent and not so healthy. I have been uninspired and in a food rut the last month or so. Recently I heard about an app, called 8fit, which is a health and fitness app that generates workouts and meal plans based on your goals and preferences.  I primarily was mostly intrigued by the meal planning aspect so I figured I would give it a try. Having a weeks worth of meals generated for me saves both time and stress from having to decide what I’m going to eat each day. I’m not affiliated with the app in anyway, I just wanted to mention it since you will see below most of my meals are based from it! 

Breakfast 7:30 am

Post 6 mile run on the treadmill (fasted)

Whole grain cereal topped with yogurt and fruit 

Lunch 12:00 pm

Quesadilla with Feta and black beans

Snack 2:30 pm

Iced coffee and a Health Warrior bar 


Snack #2 4:30 pm

Cottage cheese with tomato – I added avocado and a splash of balsamic – balsamic was not a good decision tho, blah! 

Dinner 7:00 pm

Beef with rice and broccoli – so yum! Topped with a splash of Tamari (soy sauce)

These meals were super good and easy to make!  I will note I’m not tracking nutritional content, just trying to eat a balanced diet during marathon training.

What is your favorite meal you’ve eaten this week? Do you meal plan each week or just wing it day by day?


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